Truxedo Tonneau Covers


Tonneau Covers:
  • Offers a variety of tonneau cover options including soft roll-up covers, hard roll-up covers, and folding covers.
  • Designed to provide weather protection, security, and style to truck beds.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for durability and longevity.
Soft Roll-Up Covers:
  • Provides a sleek, low-profile appearance when rolled up.
  • Easy to install and operate with no drilling required.
  • Offers quick access to the truck bed and convenient cargo management.
Hard Roll-Up Covers:
  • Provides enhanced security and durability compared to soft covers.
  • Offers a more robust and weather-resistant solution for protecting cargo.
  • Some models feature integrated locking mechanisms for added security.
Folding Covers:
  • Offers versatility with tri-fold or quad-fold design options.
  • Provides easy access to the truck bed while still offering protection when closed.
  • Allows for partial or full bed access depending on the folding configuration.
Additional Features:
  • Some TruXedo tonneau covers come with additional features such as tension adjusters for a tight fit, integrated LED lighting for improved visibility, and easy-to-use latching systems.
Custom Fit:
  • Designed to fit specific truck makes, models, and bed sizes for a seamless integration and perfect fit.
  • Ensures compatibility and ease of installation without the need for modifications.
Weather Protection:
  • Provides protection against rain, snow, UV rays, and other elements to keep cargo dry and secure.
  • Helps prevent damage to truck bed contents and maintains their integrity during transportation.
  • Helps deter theft and unauthorized access to the truck bed and its contents.
  • Some models feature locking mechanisms or compatibility with aftermarket locking systems for added security.


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